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Marcus Mariota Had Amazing Performance

[Nov 16 2016 GMT]

Marcus Mariota suffered injuries and defeat torment, but he has more 4 + touchdown than anyone else in first 22 games. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL Coins.

The quarterback had amazing performance in the first six games this season, made 17 touchdowns. Week 10, he threw 4 touchdowns when faced the Green Bay Packers which made the third game of the season of 4 + touchdowns.

The rookie's career so far has 6 games of 4 + touchdowns, creating a new record of the NFL. It is  also a perfect interpretation of how the team made 5 wins and 5 losses from  1 wins and 3 losses. This is also the fourth game that Mariota gets 4 passing touchdowns, the completion rate is more than 70%.