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Many Clubs Interested in Ivan Perisic

[Jun 24 2016 GMT]

According to where sell the cheapest FIFA 16 Coins, many big clubs are interested in Inter Milan winger Ivan Perisic due to his good performance at Euro 2016.

Ivan Perisic has a good state at Euro 2016 and helps Croatia national team beat Spain 2-1 to advance to the last 16. His outstanding performance attracts many big clubs' attention, including Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.

Perisic is 27 years old and joins Inter Milan in the summer of 2015. He scores 9 goals in 37 appearances for Inter in 2015-16 season. His price in the transfer market is 30 million euros, but mmocart do not think Internazionale will sell Perisic for now.