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Manu European step fans favorite signs

[Mar 02 2017 GMT]

Recently, spurs veteran Manu - Ginobili accidentally won a prize. In November last year, NBA TV launched a survey of fans, so that they choose the favorite player signs action, they can choose to Buy NBA 2K17 MT have 16 people.

The Spurs were 5 people, including Tim Duncan (a), Toni Parke (CAST), George - Steve, Girvin (pick basket) - Smith (to) and Ginobili (Europe).

After more than 4 months after the vote, Ginobili became the largest number of votes, and he defeated PK Carey (Irwin turned extraordinary vote to 74%).

Of course, the provisions of the NBA's somewhat similar to the format of the NCAA, Ginobili in the first round opponent is PK Rondo, the second round is Girvin (beat Parke), the third is Dirk (Huang Yang, Wade defeated Jordan, after the last round is Irwin).

He is on the other side has defeated Stephen curry (step back jumper), Kevin Mchale (basket back) and Duncan bank.

It is worth mentioning that the selected fans vote, Duncan was a first round victory over Jabbar in the sky hook. In addition, let the fans choose from Iverson crossovers and Olajuwon's dream moves, is difficult enough, eventually Iverson votes higher. Jordan in the first round by the PK Nowitzki, is also surprising.

Europe step Ginobili really should not be overlooked, it has become a major U.S. basketball training camp will be practiced in NBA technology, there are many descendants, such as James, Durant and other young players are very good. Although Ginobili like Kobe, like Wade could get so much personal honor, personal data beautiful, but also absolutely is the "great master".