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Madden 18 Ultimate Team GOATs Sets Guide

[Nov 09 2017 GMT]

Madden 18's Ultimate Team has many other suites that can be completed, one of which is the "GOATS" subversion. Once in the goat area, you can see many powerful players who can upgrade multiple times, such as Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Randy Moss and Jerry Rice.

If you go into any of these, like Tom Brady, you'll find that you need to unlock his 86 OVR goat CARDS. For beginners, you need to use the basic 85 OVR Goat Tom Brady card, which you can pack or complete a set of 30 Baby Goat CARDS.

So, we know how to get a base goat player card. But how do you unlock a baby goat card? In addition to the auction house and packaging, you can also participate in the "20 days goat" ultimate team solo challenge. Upon completion, these will give you a small goat card, which they change every 24 hours, which means that every time you return to the challenge, you will always unlock the new card.

Once you through sheer luck or hard work won the goat card player, played enough goat to the challenge of 20 days, in order to obtain enough goats card, you can upgrade your base goat player success.

EA has always launched a new upgrade kit for Madden 18 Ultimate Team, and below you will find a guide on how to complete late-game additions (including flashbacks) and prediction challenges.

As you see in the screenshot, weekly in Madden 18 Ultimate Team: you can choose the upgrade kit part forecasting in challenge, where you can guess around alliance various NFL the result of the game, all of this goal is to win a coin or elite players.

However, this is not as simple as it seems, because you have to apply the true or false tags that can only be found in the wrapper to be applied to the case of the Ultimate Team. For example, the game can ask you if you believe that Titan will beat the texans at least two points, and you can tell if the results are true or false.

You can get every right individual choice, you can earn 250 MUT COINS. This is the overall reward you want. If you select 18 options correctly, you will win 5,000 MUT COINS, 15,000 for 21 correct options, and 50,000 for 24. If most of the options are correct in any given week, you can choose an 89+ OVR players and select them as a reward.

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