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MVP should value grades

[Mar 13 2017 GMT]

The regular season is nearing the end of the season, for a MVP battle will soon see the outcome. At present, mainly for the award of the three people: Leonard, Wesbrook and harden. Player data, team record, players' value for the team...... Different people have different criteria, in harden opinion, MVP should focus first on the team.

Recently, James was interviewed, he said: "all of Buy NBA 2K17 MT these factors are considered, apparently, of course you need to play a wonderful wonderful season, however, your team must be in the top teams in each division of the forest. Then, look at the value of the team. If you have a lot of value in your team, are you a good team, are you still playoff contenders?"

As for the time, the Rockets record ranked third in the league, behind another popular MVP Leonard, the Spurs 6.5 wins, ahead of the other popular MVP Lebron and the Cavaliers 0.5 wins. Personal data, compared with the two harden is more remarkable, the first column assists, scoring third. His other major competitors, even though the record is poor, but the data is not ambiguous, playing three pairs did not say, scoring standings and assists list can also be divided into 1, 3. The person who is more with MVP, do not jump to conclusions.

Compared to harden obscure, the words of Beverly has a very "aggressive". "No matter what the media says, no matter what the fans say, everyone in the League knows who to give MVP," Beverly said. "Of course, James - Harden."

In addition, Wesbrook is the right to use the highest rate of league ball players, reached a staggering 41.4%, harden was opened, with 33.9% in the League fifth. However, in contrast with Wei Wei, Harden also has an important advantage, that is the outcome of the war. At present, 3 rockets and thunder fights, with 2 wins and 1 negative advantage. MVP battle, has become increasingly fierce.