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MVP candidate not him

[Mar 06 2017 GMT]

The regular season entered the final in January, the MVP awards competition is more intense, almost everyone hesitate between Russell Wesbrook and James harden, there are a lot of Buy NBA 2K17 MT people from the Lebron - James and Hawaii - leonard.

However, the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's views with the ordinary people are not the same, he said in an interview recently, MVP should be chosen between harden and Lebron, Weiss "is not" qualified candidates.

A remark also attracted media buzz, Cuban deliberately ignore Weiss averaged three double performance would be too exaggerated. Of course, this is not the first time he deliberately belittle Weiss, many years ago, he had to spray Weiss is not a superstar, but also was still in the thunder of the effectiveness of the curse of the "idiot" of Durant".

Cuban evaluation standard is the superstar in the playoffs the team achieved success, now Weiss himself finally led forward, but Cuban is still not convinced that this season, he still did not think so, also said he is "a" closest to the superstar, but he will still choose to harden.

For Cuban's remarks, the media have expressed their feelings, I do not know why he likes to spray Weiss. There are experts Tucao: according to his argument, that get MVP in 2007, Dirk is simply not a superstar."

When Dirk led the team to 67 wins, scored a career only one regular season MVP, but in the first round of the playoffs was eight out to the Black Warrior, became the 7 field 4 out of NBA 2K17 MT the eight teams was a black. Cuban is obviously biased against Weiss, even if he failed to lead the thunder to win more games, but superstar status should be no longer controversial.

Mavericks reporter Darnell - Mei explained: "Cuban has always been a hate thunder, when he was one of the two bosses against the move to Seattle, thunder split the market for the mavericks. But he now has black Weiss like a personal, I think Cuban may also enjoy."