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Los Angeles Lakers rookie season Russell poor performance

[Sep 18 2016 GMT]

After the Lakers guard Dangelo Russell in his rookie season he realized very dissatisfied, expect a much better performance of the new season, and that the Lakers coach Walton has and their chat, but also encourage their own in the game and shoot. Last year's draft, the Lakers skip Okafor and Bohr Tianjin Hodges two outstanding post player, used the pick off guard - Russell de Angelo. Last season, Russell's performance is quite satisfactory, but he was not satisfied with his performance.

"Anyway, I didn't play well last season, it's not a good rookie season. But I've learned a lot from it, and I'm going to put it into the new season and I'm looking forward to the new season." Russell's expectations for the new season, a big reason is that the Lakers new coach Walton has been encouraging him to re-establish self-confidence. The two - year - star, said coach Walton encouraged him to shoot more in the game.

"Coach Walton wants me to have a chance when I have a vacancy. When a coach tells you to shoot, he gives you the green light. You can't ask for more. But I know I only have a chance to shoot in the open, otherwise it is to pass to teammates, this is the team's responsibility for everyone." For Walton coach, Russell very admire, he said there was no communication between the two obstacles, they cooperate well.

Over the past two seasons, the Lakers rely on the draft to get a lot of talented young players, such as Russell and Ingram. This offseason, they also signed Luol Deng, Mozgov and Yi Jianlian such outstanding veteran players. After the Kobe era, the Lakers have gradually completed the restructuring, completely into the reconstruction.

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