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Leonard Became the Hottest Candidate for MVP

[Sep 29 2016 GMT]

Because of Durant' joining, Curry is no longer the most popular candidate for the new season MVP. Spurs player Leonard became the hottest candidate. We, a professional 2K17 MT selling site, also summarize three reasons why he can get MVP.

NO.1 Bear more responsibility.
Because Duncan's retirement, Parker and Manu Ginobili are old, Pau Gasol is also 36 years old, the young Leonard will further become the core of the Spurs. His scoring task will be heavier, so the scoring data is expected to continue promotion.

NO.2 Leonard is the best offensive and defensive player.
Leonard has been the best defensive player for two consecutive years, so his defensive strength has no doubt. He is also one of the league's best offensive players. Last season, he not only averaged got 21.2 points, but also maintained 50 +44 +87 hitting rate.

NO.3 The Spurs' Record
Last season, led by Leonard and a group of veterans, they won 67 wins and 15 losses. The new season, Pau Gasol replaced Duncan, in Popovich's tune, thy will not decline, which will give Leonard greater points.