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Legendary Pet Gorillas Armour full list

[Jan 24 2017 GMT]

Here's the full list:

Book of Death | 500 RP – Permanently unlocks the ability to craft the Book of Death.

Death Notes | 40 RP – Materials used to craft the Book of Death.

Reaper's Choice | 250 RP – Passive. 1/10 chance you may choose your task on assignment.

Gravestone loot beam | 75 RP/750 SP – See your loot drops in a macabre light.

Reaper Scroll | 250 RP – Passive. Permanently gives 50% extra XP for Soul Reaper tasks.

Death's Support | 250 RP – Passive. Doubles the health regained from signs and portents of life and death.

There are also two new cosmetic rewards that unlock automatically on completing a set number of Soul Reaper assignments.

Note that these are unlocked retroactively, so seasoned reapers can get these right away:

Death's Scythe | 100 assignments – Two-handed weapon override.

Tiny Death Pet | 200 assignments - Less statuesque than his namesake, but cuter.

We've also rebalanced the pricing of aura refreshes and the Death's Deal unlock to better reflect their usage.

Big thanks go out to Mods Harrison and Wolf, who chipped in to help Ryan and Daze with testing and design.

So gear up and make a beeline for a boss – Soul Reaper just got more rewarding!

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