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Lardarius Webb Signed with Baltimore Ravens

[Apr 10 2017 GMT]

The Baltimore Ravens re-signed a old defender at a lower price. They signed with 31-year-old Lardarius Webb for three years. And nearly four weeks ago, Webbe was cut by them.

Webb who played for Ravens in the past eight seasons will serve as substitute of security guard Eric Weddle and Tony Jefferson. The Ravens had saved $ 5.5 million in salary space when cutting him. The signing greatly enhanced the depth in the security guard lineup.

Originally Webb's basic salary reached 5.5 million dollars in 2017 season, which is the fifth highest salary the team before the opening of free agent market. In the third round of 2009 he was selected by  Ravens and served as the starting season for five seasons. Last season he changed to play security guards, ranking the fourth place with 73 times.

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