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Lamar Miller Signed with the Texans

[Mar 10 2016 GMT]

According to the latest news from, the running back Lamar Miller joined the Houston Texans on Wednesday. It is reported that he may obtain 6.5 million dollars per year. Last season, Miller completed 872 yards forward, averaging 4.5 yards every time he advanced with the ball, completing eight scoring.

Meanwhile, he is also an important point to catch the ball for Miami Dolphins. He advanced 397 yards in 47 catches of the ball and completed three touchdowns. Why has the Dolphins eventually lost Miller? In fact, Miller explained a month ago that he wanted to be a specific player and deserved appreciation. In mmocart’s opinion, Miller hopes that he can get not less than 20 possessions of the ball in each game. Obviously Dolphins cannot do that.

Now he will replace Arian Foster to obtain appreciation from the Texans. How will his future performances be? Stay tuned at our site for more information and we have many NFL Coins on sale.