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Kyle Shanahan Was Appointed as the New Coach

[Feb 08 2017 GMT]

San Francisco 49ers announced Kyle Shanahan was appointed as the team's new coach. Shanahan received a six-year contract. 49ers plan to let Shanahan decided 53 list.

Although just in the Super Bowl lost to the New England Patriots, Shahanah's Falcon offensive group in the 2016 season's excellent play can not be covered. Falcons got averaged 33.8 points in the season, Shanahan became the assistant coach of the year, quarterback Matt Ryan became the season's most valuable player.

In addition, under the leadership of Shanahan, Falcon offensive team set a team history record in number of yards and each offensive advance yardage. Because of the unpredictability of tactics, Falcon offensive team formed the most afraid of the power of the league.

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