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Kyle Lowry Has a Great Interest to Play Back Home This Summer

[May 11 2017 GMT]

Lowry, his summer' s destination become the focus of attention with the Raptors were swept the Cavaliers out in the Eastern Conference semifinals. So today we, a professional NBA 2K18 MT selling site, want to talk something about Kyle Lowry.

Lowry said he wanted a championship ring, suggesting that he will leave Toroton in offseason. The Raptors general manager Masai Ujili said the team will make every effort to let him stay. And they will weigh the specific situation, yet is unlikely to pay the top salary. If the Raptors pay the top salary, Lowry can get a 5-year contract total value of 200 million US dollars about.

It is reported that Lowry is growing interesting in Philadelphia 76ers. In fact, they also plan to make a large contract. However, is not realistic for Lowry to win the title in a short period of time at home.