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Knignt strong team meat shield

[Aug 26 2015 GMT]

Knignt is the guardian of others, is a high toughness and a variety of special professional shield skills, a hand-held weapons' shields, so that we can improve the toughness, can also minimize enemy attack damage, therefore, can make full play to the role of the meat shield, can also according to the situation will be a sword or mace, shield in become a mighty sword, that becomes thugs damage form, although low damage than sword star, but also will not be slighted, day race Knignt follow justice nai SaKen god of war, while the inferno Knignt service JiKaiEr god of destruction. They are born MT tanks!

Copy PVE guardian, in a team game, meat shield is team, so the magic stone recommendation is: deadly + parrying or fatal + life. Because the meat shield in acted as a team, need to responsible for most of the difficult tasks in the team, so often get the leadership team (captain). Well acquainted with the use of tactical tag becomes necessary, this also need to be doing things not jing can cope with various emergencies, three or more first tag again open as far as possible, especially to control the blame. Welcome to our best online store to get the for your Aion game to enjoy yourself at most.