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Knignt should be how to choose the second crafting

[Mar 15 2016 GMT]

Paralysis of the crafting. Paralysis crafting many Knignt are now in use, we are also know that I am no longer say more here, is feeling the probability of 2% is a little small, the feeling in the lottery. Paralysis of the time was a little short. Each other later, paralyzed with 4 seconds will give you white cut, 4 seconds only three knife cut, but if can come again in 4 seconds paralysis after a stunning for 2 seconds, then come again to capture 2 seconds paralysis effect. Sorcerer and Ranger can be pretty miserable, wet nurse, it need not be so bad, after all, a shield and chain armour.

Silence crafting.First of all, the crafting effect for physical professional basic no dice, silence had no effect for their physical skills, only has effect on magic skills. Say again play Sorcerer and wet nurse, crafting the effect if they in the silence, they would in a xanthate solution. To say the least, even if they are silent, xanthate in cooling, they are not fool, they will run you a 8 seconds crafting effect in the past, to do with you, especially for some patience is admirable way, the balance of 90 seconds armor can be dragged out again with you and you play, the 8 seconds for them is not what. So the crafting to Knignt basic useless.

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