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Knignt should be how to choose the crafting first

[Mar 14 2016 GMT]

Syncope stone. Dizzy stone or more can trigger probability. Part one: a person.If chasing the remote professional play, crafting, once triggered, can let them to stop for a second, played the Knignt know, Knignt is chasing the remote professional dozen, so stop it for a second meaning is very important, once triggered syncope 1 second, can go up and then cut a knife, if the weapon is to speed up, is likely to cut down on two knives. If cooperate again shield dizzy skills, the effect is good.

Action 2: interrupt skills. Use for a long time of syncope crafting, this breaks the effect of skill feeling is not obvious. First of all, if you and short-range professional PK. This stop one second is completely look not to come out. Second, and remote professional PK, effect is not obvious. Because the bow and PK, basic can't see effect. And mammy PK words, they are basically keep you control, and reading skills, so also don't want to interrupt the basic skills. PK to besides a few whole blood the PK, and now they are all standing still resistance to play with you, this time feel syncope crafting is pretty useful, often interrupt.

The biggest drawback: used paralysis stone under 45 copies of crafting a triggered effect, blame paralysis immediately. Crafting the trigger and syncope, basic can't see effect, so strange article skills to read, and have no effect. This is dizzy stone used most annoyed now.

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