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Knignt increase the threat of the tooltip

[Mar 10 2016 GMT]

To become a qualified guardian, first of all necessary to figure out what skills, what's the use of various skills, now a lot of, don't know their threat increase skills have which a few provocation, capture, dark punishment, holy punishment, this is the largest single hatred skills, may be a lot of people don't know, is only a dp in 2000), and shield slam (this is also a hidden has increased threat properties, although skill didn't say, but you carefully look at combat information will know).

Combat system, ruled the superior brand, it is waste, and must use a hammer, mental damage, trueshot magic damage to more eyes, destroy or gas, attribute good hate strong, but to this ability, you must give up blocking of armour, struggle.Copy of the department, the brand, the former two superior brand, back to more than 2000 blood and six nearby blood cap + 1000, very practical, as to solid shield, it's a waste of skills, shield defense, 10 times is not invincible 10 damage, and seems not defensive spell damage, the stamp said really haven't 2000 dp works.

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