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Knignt form of all kinds of games

[Apr 06 2016 GMT]

Single: Knignt is not suitable for single player role. Though equipped with 2h weapon, as well as after the stone and the stone of the branding of the attack, can to a certain extent to catch up with the Fighter hunting speed, but its hunting speed is relatively slow compared with other professions. If you still want single practice, must be equipped with higher DPS two-handed weapons. Must constantly use can use various attack skills. But also good Knignt skills of spirit with low consumption, and relatively high spirit recovery. If we can properly take advantage of that, although slow, but it can be safely upgrade.

Team/forces: a team game can play over the real value. Because in the region must form a team to implement the mission, so strong meat shield Knignt is indispensable role. The later of this kind of task difficulty is higher, so a team must have at least a Knignt. Knignt after training to senior, will become a popular career in surprise, so at the beginning of hard, finally can get the corresponding returns.

PvP/fortress: in PvP, Knignt, although has the strong survival ability, but also it is difficult to form a threat to each other's player. In the case of 1:1, in absolute disadvantage, therefore not suitable for single PvP. It is best to form a team, to participate in a strategic battle.

This feature, will play to the real value in the fortress of war. Excellent ruled with great strength, under the support of cure of the custodian of, can break through the enemy lines, positive and Fighter together play the role of defeat the enemy front. In many people in the fight, ruled for built a solid line of defense, friendly stand in the forefront of fighting.
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