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Knignt crafting the third article how should choose

[Mar 16 2016 GMT]

1% damage crafting.About 1% of 1880 damage crafting first. The crafting for Sorcerer this eat their growth profession, generally at least can hit more than 2500 damage. But to protect the physical professional use, can hit 1100 + even if character is good, usually at around 900. Etc. Along while, such as the 1% of crafting damage and finally to have almost a crit damage, the crafting for guardian is really bad.

Besides the 1% 3760 damage crafting.Also, the crafting for magic way, if it is in use DP skills when triggered, off nearly all some blood is possible. But also to protect, then 2000 damage. 2000 damage is quite objective, however, when PK is likely to cut each other hacked to death or death.

PK, when 1% of the single P yellow stone is slightly better than crafting paralysis. But for attacking guardian, paralysis crafting is a better choice, because this paralysis in 5 seconds, attacking guard is likely to be cut out more damage than yellow crafting, moreover, paralysis start crafting the probability is yellow crafting 2 times. Group of P, paralysis of crafting are certainly better than yellow crafting. If you often lead the copy, paralysis, crafting the effect is better than yellow crafting. If have no money, choose crafting syncope can also be.

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