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Kirk Cousins Raised Money for Charity

[Dec 02 2015 GMT]

Recently, the Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has been selling T-shirts on the Internet. Why is that? Does he lack money? While everybody is curius about it, according to, it turns out that he is doing it to raise money for Justice League International.

Earlier in this season, after beating Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cousins yelled to the camera YOU LIKE THAT when passing the locker room. Since then the slogan has been widely forwarded. So at the end of October, Cousins decided to carry on with it and launched an activity to sell T-shitrs with this slogan on the Internet. He set an goal of total 500 pieces. But to everyone's surprise, in the end, he sold 3973 of them.

Justice League International is an organisation belonging to United Nations. It aims to protect millions of people, especially the poor people to get fair treatment. Up to now, it has already helped more than 21 million people. That's amazing! I think Cousins is also happy to become one psrt of it. By the way, nflcoins is a prefessional NFL Coins selling site, welcome to have a try!