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Kevin Durant Speaks Highly of Kristaps Porzingis

[Jan 26 2016 GMT]

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant speaks highly of Kristaps Porzingis when talking about the upcoming match against New York Knicks. Durant thinks Porzingis is like a basketball unicorn and reveals that he believes Porzingis will have good performances in the league when Porzingis is picked by the Knicks in last year's draft.

Durant insists that many people underestimate Porzingis, and Porzingis is the player that is needed by the league for his good skills. People almost forget the feelings when watching the skilful players play in the game. There are many strong players with good athletic abilities now, but do not have many skilful players.

Porzingis is a technical player with strong body and height superiority. He can shoot, defend and play well in the matches. He has made big progress this season and may become a top player in the future. Porzingis can average 14 points, 7.8 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 2 blocks in 28.2 minutes this season. His shooting average reaches 42.6% and his three-point shooting rate is 33.8%.

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