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KD Made Veterans to the Warriors

[Jul 06 2016 GMT]

With Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, there are more and more free agents eager to sign a veteran minimum-salary contract with the Warriors, which is seen as a shortcut to win a championship. As a former champion team member, David Lee seems to be also interested in returning.

Lee did not deny it, and said it all started from KD's decision. It can be said that KD's decision changed the situation of the association. After KD's decision, the Warriors finished two highly cost-effective contract, Zaza Pachulia, one year, 2.9 million dollars and David West, one year, 1.26 million dollars.

Lee has been well received by fans and players. He was one of the members of the Warriors winning the 2015 championship. He is now acompletely free agent. Warriors currently need bench inside, while Lee is obviously a good choice.

The Warriors have been actively persuading Ray Allen to come back, so they will be able to set up the most luxurious three-point shooters. Some 2kvc fans said, why not let Reggie Miller back too?  And please click here to buy NBA 2K MT.