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Juventus announced to join the Chinese happy Eder Luis

[Feb 16 2017 GMT]

Italy giants Juventus club official announced that the club has been consistent with the super Hebei China Hernanes transfer negotiations to reach a consensus. Hernanes to 8 million euros in the price of the transfer of Chinese happiness, the transfer clause contains a maximum of up to 2 million euros in terms of floating. According to the news media in Italy, the annual salary of 7 million euros may Eder luis.

Anderson - Hernanes de Carvalho Lima Brazil international before the age of 31 Hernanes was born in Brazil, Recife, Brazil Hernanes debut from famous St Paul club. 2010 landing in Europe soon after joining Lazio in Serie A as a midfielder, on behalf of the effectiveness of three and a half of the blue eagle is the absolute main force of Lazio.

At the beginning of 2014 transfer window Hernanes join Milan international, followed by inter one and a half years. August 2015, Hernanes to 11 million euros to join juventus. But over the past year and a half at Juve, Hernanes did not get enough trust and playing time as in Lazio and Inter. Therefore Hernanes is considering a change of environment, while Juventus traced because of economic pressure is too large, coupled with FIFA Coins the Brazilian non absolute force, and the contract for only half a year, so from the super high price to be released.