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July 4th Event Features Two Master Players to Earn madden Mobile

[Jul 03 2017 GMT]

Two Master competitors and four X-Factor players are obtainable, along with some special packages as part of new live incidents for Independence Day.

The exact 99 OVR Masters by using a +5 boost are Deion Sanders on defense, plus Jordan Howard on ticket. Yes, Deion Sanders must have been a two-way player in his leading, but this card is for defense in this event just.

98 OVR X-Factor players with a single +2 Boost include:

Bobby Wagner
Mike Evans
Olivier Vernon
Jay Ajayi
40 Elite-level players are available in the Autonomy packs, focusing on some least respected players: special teams competitors and linemen on defense or offense. An Elite is needed by me Marquette King myself.

There's a special madden mobile coins for these incidents, which are called Fireworks, enough appropriately. You'll have to play some of the innovative events to earn Fireworks, or get them through the Autonomy Packs available in the Store. The good news is free daily Independence Get, and three packs that are being sold with 75, 000 mobile madden coins. Additional features can be bought with cash.

The July 4th event rewards in order to get some of, you'll need to get them through most of these special sets:

Elite 'Splosion requires 50 Fireworks, july 4th Elite player and rewards one.
4th X-Factor Player requires 250 Fireworks july, the July 4th X-Factor players and awards one of.
4th Offense Master requires 10 july 4th Elites july, july 4th Offense Master with +5 Boost and awards a single Jordan Howard.
4th Defense Master requires 10 july 4th Elites july, and awards the exact Deion Howard Defense Get good at with +5 Boost.
Through July 9th these events run, so even if you're very full of hot dogs to experiment with the game on or in advance of July 4th, with added special events on the 4th, you definitely have time to collect these new Madden NFL competitors.