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Josh Norman Counterattacked Roddy White

[Dec 24 2015 GMT]

Earlier, the Atlanta Falcons wide receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White attacked the Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman with language. As the contender for this season's best defensive player, Norman will definitely let it go. He responded it in the recent interview from

Julio Jones and Roddy White said earlier that Josh Norman was not a tough player and thwy would not care that kind od player. So here is what Norman said. Julio was their number one catcher, as Roddy, he should be No. 5 catcher who was after the proximal front and the running back. He only caught one touchdown this season and it would not be difficult to limit him.

White has been troubled by a knee injury oner the past two years and can not show his earlier brave. Now he has no obvious advantage while one to one and also lost his propulsion after catching the ball. However, has been fighting in the League for 11 years and still deserves everyone's respect. By the way, click here to get cheap NFL coins.