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Joe Staley May Be Traded

[Oct 26 2016 GMT]

San Francisco 49ers currently get 1 wins and 6 losses, which is six losing streaks. There is no hope to do the change, so the team has to do is to avoid more lose. The team also began to make new adjustments for the lineup.

They are seeking opportunities to trade their Joe Staley. 49ers want to use him to get a first-round pick. Staley is 32-year-old. He has been selected five times to Pro Bowl. He played 87 games as starting in 49ers. His contract will continue to 2019, and next season his revenue is only 8.3 million dollars. He is one of the most dominant left tackles in the league.

There will be a lot of trading rumors ahead of the upcoming trade deadline, but for Staley, who has played 10 years in San Francisco, it is big news.

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