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Jason Witten Got a New Contract

[Mar 29 2017 GMT]

Dallas Cowboys' Jason Witten is the league's few players who have served in the same team for a long time, and now his time will continue to lengthen.

According to nflcoins news, the team and he reached a four-year renewal contract, so he will stay in Cowboy at least 2021 years. Before this his contract had been left for a year, but his salary was close to $ 12.2 million, the new contract to ensure that his next year wages down, it also give the team more salary space.

The 34-year-old Witten has been one of the league's top players since entering the league in 2003, with only one game in the absence of a career in a rookie season, with an average of at least 64 matches each season since 2004, Witten 10 times becomes the professional bowl player.

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