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Jason Pierre Paul Returns to Training

[Nov 05 2015 GMT]

New York Giants defensive end Jason-Pierre Paul will return to the team to take part in the training. The team wants him to play in the game with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jason-Pierre Paul hurt his hands in a fireworks accident on July this year. His injuries make him miss many games for months. His hands still look terrible, it is hard to believe that Paul may play for the next game. It seems that Jason-Pierre Paul is very important for New York Giants because Pierre-Paul and the Giants have signed a one-year contract.

The team has high expectations for him. The head coach Tom Coughlin believes it is time for Jason-Pierre Paul to return to training. Jason-Pierre Paul has an excellent physical condition, the team will give him enough time to do relevant training. Paul is trying to adjust his state now and he wants to return to the state before he gets hurt.

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