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Jason Pierre Paul Is Coming Back

[Oct 21 2015 GMT]

New York Giants' defensive lineman Jason Pierre Paul has not come back to the stadium since July 4th when he got hurt by the fireworks. Recently, the Giants confirmed to see him again to evaluate his injuries.

According to news, Jason Pierre Paul will go to the team's New Jersey office to get checked to determine the return schedule on Wednesday of American time.

This is the second time that Pierre Paul and the team have had an appointment after the fireworks accident. They first met in September.At that time the team's answer was that his injury was worse than the team expected.

People now doubt that Jason Pierre-Paul will play for this season, but from his personal social networking video,his revovery seems to be quite good. Maybe we don't need to be so worried. At present, the team hopes that he can return in the final four games very much. Of course, everything needs a doctor's answer.

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