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Jason Pierre Paul Is Back

[Dec 07 2015 GMT]

Jason Pierre Paul, the defensive end of the New York giants, has returned to the field, but what's unfortunate is that he has not recovered to the best state yet, which makes the fans still so worried.

In fact, losing his finger has a great influence on his competitive state. Jason said in a recent interview from that the situation at first was even worse. The doctor insisted on cutting the whole palm but he told the doctor not to.

Pierre also said that he was not scared after the firework accident. He went to the hospital by himself and waited patiently. It was not painful during that process. He can felt his hand was recovering.

Although Pierre expressed these calmly, we can see from the picture the seriousness of the accident. Of course, the Giants fans should thank the doctor for not really cutting Pierre's palm. By the way, click here to buy cheap NFL coins.