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Jarryd Hayne Retires From NFL

[May 16 2016 GMT]

According to where sell the cheapest NFL Coins, Australian running back Jarryd Hayne retires from NFL and returns to the rugby. This decision is surprising because Hayne wants to compete for his playing time at San Francisco 49ers during the offseason.

Hayne says in a statement that he plans to return to the sport which makes him famous. He chooses to retire from NFL because Fiji Rugby Sevens give him the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games and his dream is to take part in the Olympic Games since childhood.

Hayne joins San Francisco 49ers last season, playing eight games. He gets 52 rushing yards and 27 receiving yards, he shows potential in the preseason, but fails to have good performance in the regular season. Now he decides to chase the Olympic dream, best wishes to him.