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James Laurinaitis Announced His Retirement

[Apr 12 2017 GMT]

After eight years of career, James Laurinaitis announced his retirement. The 2009 second round rookie said his body told him that it was time to retire.

Laurinaitis who spent his university career at the University of Ohio played seven seasons for Los Angeles Rams, during which time he was a grappling machine. From the first game of his career, he got the chances to play as starter. During his career in the Rams, his tacklesin the single season never less than 109 times. In 2015 he set the team history record.

He was cut by the Rams in 2016. He then joined the New Orleans Saints, but played only five games and was injured. He was later abandoned by the Saints. Laurinaitis career got a total of 869 tackles, 16.5 times sack, 35 times the destruction of the pass and 10 times steals.

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