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Jacksonville Jaguars Continue the Disappointing Performance

[Dec 14 2016 GMT]

Another disappointing season for the Jacksonville Jaguars has passed, but bad news is always coming. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL Coins.

The team put Julius Thomas and Jared Odrick into the injury list. They will both miss the whole season. Last year Odrick and the Jaguar has just completed a big contract. The total value of 5 years was 42.5 million US dollars. The last season he performed well, but this season he completed only six games, contrituted 1 sack and 12  tackles.

Thomas completed a big contract last year with the team. The total value of 5 years was $ 46 million. But he can not always maintain a healthy body.

Their investment has no return. So far this season, Jaguars only completed two victories.