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Italian League MVP hope the NBA statement

[Jul 07 2016 GMT]

2014 NBA Draft, Gentileschi was Buy NBA 2k16 MT selected in the second round of 53 overall, the Rockets have signed him right. When interviewed recently, Gentile said he wanted to play in the NBA, but are not sure whether the next season to join the NBA.

According to European basketball expert David - Pique said the European Union basketball circles increasingly convinced that Gentile will join the Rockets this summer. Gentileschi 1 meter tall and 98, weighing 103 kg, mainly playing the small forward position. 2014 NBA Draft, Gentileschi was the 53rd overall by the Timberwolves selected, the Rockets traded for his draft rights.

Gentileschi was in the 2013-14 season, he led Milan to win the Italian league title and was named Finals MVP. Last summer's European Championship, Gentileschi's performance is equally impressive in his seven games, averaging 17 points, is the Italian national team's second-leading scorer. In the past season, the Gentile are played 24.7 minutes in Milan field can win 12.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists.

Although last summer, Gentileschi and Milan has renewed a three-year contract until June 2018, the contract will expire, and any options contract early termination of the contract does not contain. But now, Gentile has moved to the idea of ​​the NBA.

Prior to an interview when, Gentile said he wanted to go to NBA, but he was not sure whether he can join the next season. But European basketball correspondent David - Pique said the European basketball circles more and more people believe that Gentile will join the Rockets next season.

Prior to this, Gentile's Italy team-mate Gallinari has been to NBA 2k16 MT Points persuade him to go to the NBA. And last summer, the Rockets have to persuade Gentile to join, but without success. Perhaps seeing this summer, NBA players have skyrocketed, Gentile began relented.