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It Is So Easy And Simple To Making Money In Mut 18 In My Opinion

[Nov 21 2017 GMT]

The keys to success in MUT are, in the first place, the coins. Of course, your skills count on the controller as well, but you will not stand a chance against a well-positioned team of mostly gold and elite players unless you invest in new players or packs. Here's how you can earn a lot of madden coins through the auction house or use the MUT Draft to refill your coin account.

So you can farm coins quickly

If you start the MUT mode for the first time, you will be directed to the first solo challenges. Here you play against the AI ​​and dust off the first coins, players and packs . However, you only receive about 65,000 coins when you complete all solo challenges. That's not very much when you look at the large number of orders. Nevertheless, we recommend you to complete first challenges, so you can reinforce yourself on a few positions.

Since the solo challenges take too much time, we would like to show you the best and fastest method we have been able to use to nourish a lot of coins. Keyword: "Get a Player" .

In the menu of MUT you go on "Featured" on "Get a Player". Here you pay 500 coins for a random player . That may not sound very lucrative at first, but we can assure you that almost all players in this random pack are worth more than 500 coins. In most cases, you will receive a silver player, but you will also have the chance to win gold and elite players , which are usually worth far more than 10,000 coins.

These players are now offering them for sale in the auction house to make a profit. Alternatively, of course, you can reinforce your team first, but since this is about the farming of coins, you should sell them profitably. This is the simplest method that even beginners have quickly internalized. Below we will show you the auction house and the MUT Draft.

Earn coins in the auction house

Also under "Store" in the MUT menu you will find the selection "Auctions and Trades" . This is the auction house where you can buy, sell and trade player cards. If you want to earn coins, you should use the following method, which is also referred to in the community as "sniping" .

Here is a brief summary before we go into detail: You look for players that are sold below their value , grab them and sell them immediately afterwards for a higher amount. Here you should use the page to help - more about that right now .

Here is a guide to the farming method in "Auctions and Trades":

In the auction house, you sort the players for "Newest" and select under "Quality" at the beginning of the best "Silver" . The silver players you can buy with little coins early and thus fast coins farming.

Go to "", select the "Madden NFL 18" database and look for a player you want to buy and then sell again. Under "Prices" you can see current ticket prices in the auction house.

Beat if you spot a player below the average selling price . This happens especially often at night or when the market is up for the start of a new event.

You can put the player back in your team or exchange them for coins. Mostly you can screw up the "buy it now" price a bit and voila, you've already earned some coins.

You can repeat this process as often as you like if you have accumulated a lot of coins. Slowly but surely, your coin account will increase and soon you can use this method with Gold or Elite players. These usually bring you even more profit.

Play MUT Draft for more coins

The last method, if you want to farm coins fast, is aimed more at advanced players. With a little luck and practice, but also Madden newcomers can benefit. Choose "Play" from the Madden Ultimate Team menu to select the MUT Draft . The mode that brings you the most coins here is the Ranked Draft .

Here you play "Head to Head" against other players, after you have put together a team. The entrance ticket costs 15,000 coins . That's a lot at the beginning, but it will be worth it! You play four matches and the draft ends as soon as you receive your first defeat. If you manage to achieve two wins, you will be rewarded with 10,000 coins and a Gold Premium Pack . This pack should provide you with strong players for the first few weeks.

The Gold players can keep or resell them, as usual. Here are between 2,000 and 20,000 coins in it. In addition, your opponents are relatively weak at the beginning, as you start with the lowest rank and compete against players who have the same rank. If you even get four wins - which is likely to be difficult - there are 20,000 coins and an Elite Player Pack as a reward.

Bonus: complete sets

Also great: With all the cards you can get while you're growing coins and opening the packs, you can fill in the upgrade kits . Once you have collected all the cards for a set, you will receive a star player for your team. You can also look at the players you receive when completing these sets, and then buy and sell cards.

Example: The Denver Broncos set includes players like Demaryius Thomas, Von Miller or Aqib Talib . Therefore, many players will try to complete these sets and will buy more Broncos players for an increased price in the auction house. Remember that for the methods described above!