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It Buqiang rocket as the weakest link

[Jul 08 2016 GMT]

For the current Rockets team is Buy NBA 2k16 MT the weakest point guard position, and in the summer, Houston has not targeted the reinforcement of this position.

Two draft picks, the selection is inside; Anderson and Nene, are also can play fourth place and fifth place players. Knowing guard incompetent, what medicine gourd Morey how to sell it?

The free agent market, there is almost no good point guard. Chalmers'd have had experience working with James, but it seems more than willing Qubao top teams hold the thigh. In a bid equal, competitive advantage is not a rocket.

Remaining veterans, including Vasquez, Jack and others, but their ideas are similar to Chalmers. Down here there is an unexpected candidate, 76 Canaan guard last season in Philadelphia and D'Antoni have a good relationship, and that the player is able to throw good at projecting, with the exception of low potency, as rocket Jiujiang, in the right environment offensive guru Mike D'Antoni could save him?

Since leaving Wade's sake, the Heat instantly become the team to the edge of a cliff. Dwyane known meaning, in the absence of Wade's situation, not to mention the good results achieved in the playoffs, is whether they can make the playoffs, and now has become a puzzle in this case, Heat supermarkets whether this opening? Dragic will be whether Pat Riley - peddling?

Standing Rockets point of NBA 2k16 MT Coins view, once touted Dragic, it touches you can access disk. Dragic known to a small Nash, and D'Antoni is the favorite disciple from Nash; secondly Dragic 90 million five-year contract, the current values ​​of view really is not high.