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Is Tank Really Needed in Celtic Heroes

[May 26 2017 GMT]

Many players in a locking battle with many groups, is there any use of a tank? Is it later in the game?

The anwser is yes. Tank is the most important class to have in the game. There have 2 different discussions happening. The first piont is about lock and the second point is about if tanks are needed. Some bosses do not need a tank inthe game. And there are some bosses that it is very necessary to have a tank. Some bosses you can push the whole time technichally which makes it more smooth for a tank. Without it none of tank, the big bosses in game would die. About more than 180 tanks began to become more and more important.

Some players think the lock system completely devalues tanking and healing. You don' t really need a tank besides raid bosses like Necro and Gelebron. Everything else can be combined.More information is on where you can Buy Celtic Heroes Gold.