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Is David Bruton A True Hero

[Dec 22 2015 GMT]

If your foot get hurt, you can not even walk, not to say play a game. But from, we know that actually during the game on Sunday, the Denver Broncos safety David Bruton's foot was fractured.

It's said that he has to rest for at least 4 to 6 weeks. It means that his regular season is over. But what's more shocking is that the main coach said his fracture happened in the first quarter. Gary Kubiak showed that when the game was 1 minute 58 seconds left, David Bruton hurt his foot. But he finally finished the next three quarters, which made him a brave man. However, his injury still makes his fans worried and they all hope him recover quickly.

It seems like the American football spirit to play with injury. Last time, the Denver Broncos 's star quarterback Peyton Manning also completed the game on the condition of getting hurt this season. But is that a true hero to do that? What if the foot is ruined after the game? Sometimes people have to think things in a long way. By the way, click here to buy cheap NFL coins.