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Irving Helps the Cavaliers to Get Cousins

[Aug 16 2016 GMT]

The Cavaliers intend to introduce the Kings player Cousins. The full back Irving is now working with Cousins, representing the United States men's basketball team in Rio Olympic Games, which will help the Cavaliers pursuing Cousins.

Although the Kings want Cousins to stay, from the previous situation, Cousins is not satisfied with the Kings' plan of building the team . In addition, there was news said that James hoped to sign Cousins. From this point of view, obviously the Cavaliers will try to complete the deal.

If pursuing Cousins, then Love will become a major bargaining chip. Since joining Cvaliers, his performance is always unsatisfactory. If going back to the Kings, it will help him get back his top state.

In addition, the Cavaliers also have an advantage. Irving and Cousins now is having a good fit in DreamTeam. From the overallsituation, they are getting even better. P.S. Buy cheap NBA 2K16 MT on the site