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Introductions Of FIFA 18 FUT Card Packs Feature and Price

[Dec 29 2017 GMT]

FUT 18 Packs

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Card packs are a fundamental part of FIFA Ultimate Team, they include professionals, contracts and other items.

There are very different ways in which you come to card packs: you can not only earn them, but also buy with FIFA coins or with FIFA points which purchased with real money in the game.

Each pack contains different items. The more higher quality the more the pack costs. We mmocart  have summarized for you here.

The list includes only the most common card packs. For example, there are some that are only for Christmas or Balck Friday to buy. We did not consider them. Here we go:

Bronze Pack - 400 FIFA coins

The classic bronze pack is the cheapest in FIFA Ultimate Team. It only costs you 400 coins, but also contains only 12 objects:
At least ten of them have Bronze value and one is rare. Not only players expect you, but also consumer objects such as contracts, managers or healings hide in the bronze pack.

Premium Bronze Pack - 750 FIFA coins

The Premium Bronze pack contains nearly the same pack as the normal Bronze pack: Twelve items, of which at least ten are Bronze. These can consist of players or consumables. For that you get here three rare objects instead of just one. Accordingly, the premium bronze pack also costs more.

Bronze Player Pack - 1,250 FIFA coins

Of player contracts and healings you have enough? With the bronze player pack you only receive kickers - and twelve of them. Ten of them have at least bronze status and one is rare. You get this for 1,250 coins.

Silver Pack - 2,500 FIFA coins or 50 FIFA points

Twelve items, of which at least eleven have silver value and one is rare: this is in the classic silver pack in FIFA 18. The pack costs 2,500 coins, consisting of players and consumables. In addition, you can buy silver card packs with FIFA points, which you can get for real money.

Premium Silver Pack - 3,750 FIFA coins or 75 FIFA points

The Premium Silver pack also gives you twelve items, of which at least eleven have Silver status. The only difference to the normal silver pack: it contains three rare objects instead of just one.

Silver Player Pack - 5,000 FIFA coins or 100 FIFA Points

As with the Bronze Player pack, you will only receive kickers and no consumables in the Silver Player pack. Accordingly, the pack will cost you 5,000 coins, but there are also twelve players, of which at least eleven have silver status and one is rare.

Gold Pack - 5,000 FIFA coins or 100 FIFA Points

If you want to upgrade your team, you should resort to gold packs. The classic gold pack includes 12 items that are a mix of players and consumables. Of these, ten items have at least Gold status and one is rare.

Premium Gold Pack - 7,500 coins or 150 FIFA Points

The Premium Gold pack provides you with the same items as the Classic Gold pack, but includes at least three rare items instead of just one.

Jumbo Premium Gold Pack - 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA points

The Jumbo Premium Gold pack is primarily available as a reward for Squad Battles and the Weekend League. It contains 24 mixed items (players and consumables), of which at least 20 have gold status and seven are rare.

Premium Gold Player Pack - 25,000 coins or 350 FIFA points

You can not just buy this card pack in the shop: Since there are premium gold player pack only at certain times and are limited to ten per person. After all, you get here 12 kickers, of which have at least ten gold status and three are rare.

Rare Gold Pack - 25,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points

The rare gold pack includes both:players and consumables. All 12 objects have Gold status and are rare.

Mega-Pack - 35,000 coins or 700 FIFA points

Mega pack are available either as promo packs or as rewards for the different modes in FIFA Ultimate Team. It is one of the largest packs in FIFA Ultimate Team with 30 objects. Although these are a mix of kickers and consumables, there are 26 cards with gold status and 18 rare cards guaranteed.

Rare Mega Pack - 55,000 coins or 1,110 FIFA points

With the rare mega-set, EA just puts another twelve rare cards on it: you expect the same thing as with the normal mega pack, except that all 30 objects are rare here.

Rare Pack of players - 50,000 coins or 1,000 FIFA points

The rare player pack includes "unique top players"according to EA. You expect 12 kickers, who all have gold status and are rare.

Jumbo Rare Players Pack - 100,000 coins or 2,000 FIFA Points

As in the normal rare player pack, you only get "unique top players "here who all have Gold status and are rare. The only difference:The jumbo pack contains twice as many players, so you expect 24 new FUT cards here.

Ultimate Pack - 125,000 coins or 2,500 FIFA points

The ultimate packis the best and therefore the most expensive in FIFA Ultimate Team. Here you will receive 30 "unique top players ", all of whom have Gold status and are rare.