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Introduction to Basketball

[Aug 14 2017 GMT]

Basketball is the core competition of the Olympic Games, is the center of the hand as the center of the antagonism of sports. Basketball, originated in the United states. In December 21, 1891, the school will train from Massachusetts YMCA of Springfield (now the Springfield College, Springfield College) James Naismith sports teacher invention. Basketball was introduced into China in 1904, the Saint Louis Olympic Games, the first conducted a basketball game.

In 1936, basketball was listed as an official event in the Berlin Olympic Games. In 1992, the Barcelona Olympic Games began, professional players can participate in the Olympic Games basketball games. The major international basketball organization was founded in 1932 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Federation of basketball (the International Amateur Basketball Federation).

The basketball game was invented by American James Naismith in 1891. At the time, he taught at the international training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. Due to the local rich peach, here are very fond of children playing with the ball into the basket of the game. This enabled him to get inspiration from, and features from football, hockey and other sports projects, compose a basketball game.

The first basketball game is relatively simple, the size of the venue and the number of people to participate in the game is no limit. Game players are divided into equal number of teams, both were standing on the court, the court judges in the central ball after the team immediately rushed into the ball, and try to throw the ball into the opponent's basket. Because the peach basket is not the end, after the ball in the basket, people have boarded the special ladder to get the ball out from the basket.

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