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Interesting Comments from Netizens on the 2017 NFL Draft's Name

[Jul 05 2017 GMT]

The following are some funny comments from netizens on the 2017 NFL Draft’s Name. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

The guy's name is Dee Liner and he plays D-Line. Come on.

Also, just noticed I don't see Jackmerius Tacktheritrix nor Torque (Construction Noise) Lewith.

Yeah the Dee Liner coincidence, a kicker called "Blewitt" and a guy literally called "Money Hunter" had me fact checking/laughing uncontrollably.

Fun fact, Monshadrik "Money" Hunter is Torii Hunter's son.

His siblings are Torii, Darius and Cameron.

How much do you think he hated his parents as a kid?

The Eagles tackle from last year is even worse. I'm on mobile, so I'm not going searching, but check it out!

The guy's name is Dee Liner and he plays D-Line. Come on.

Too bad Xavier Adibi was a linebacker.

Blewitt is such an unfortunate kicker name. I wouldn't pick him as a gm purely on his name lol

He also missed a ~25 yard game winner against Duke a couple of years ago. It was hilarious.

I bet the commentators had fun with that one.

Air Force S Weston Steel hammer will just have to bulk up.

It's called player development. This is how you build a championship.

That's one of the most Blast Hardcheese names I think I've ever heard.

He sounds like a Warhammer Dwarf or a Fallout character.

Hey it's a great all-name draft class this year and just like in the real draft Smith Schuster will just miss the top-3 WR's.

He's definitely better than "Bug Howard."

I feel like you have to dock him a few points for actually being named John Smith.

boy from Miami named old corn got me dead

Corn Elder sounds like the name of an elite monster in WoW.

Still think Gunner Kiel is the best name in this draft. Also, he'll probably be a solid backup for someone.

For some reason Will Likely is the funniest to me. He Will he Likely get drafted?

How the hell does this not make the list:

Tanoh Kpassagnon

Blewitt as K would be a great pick-up for the Vikings.

Oh my god.. a kicker with the last name of "Blewitt"... that's lethal

I completely overlooked that he was also a CB haha

We're officially in the era where there are gonna be kids named after 90s rappers every draft. I"m looking forward to a lineman named Christopher Wallace.

When I saw the name, my first thought was that he must be named after whoever Raekwon the Chef was named after. Then I realized that it must be long enough ago that he's named after The Chef.

Then I looked up McMillan's birthdate and he was born in 1996. Not only after the first Wu album, but after Raekwon's first solo album and Ghostface's first solo album.

And I remember buying Raekwon's first CD. And now a guy named after him is in the NFL Draft. Damn, I feel old.