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Indirect Way to Transfer Coins from One Console to Another One

[Oct 09 2017 GMT]

Madden NFL, as one of the featured football video games in the market, has created a huge community those days. Especially in the recent years, the rapid development of Madden game made more and more people become a part of the community. Thus, various kinds of game consoles are available to them. Each game console has unique characteristic, so it’s normal that a player changes his console one day. However, transfering coins is not as easy as changing console. Here, we will share some experience with you about how to transfer coins from one console to another.


As a usual, it allows player to transfer coins from an old console to an updated one, but not to from one kind of console to another kind one. For example, it’s disabled that coins could transfer from PS4 to Xbox One, since each type of console has its particular auction house. So far, there is no solution for this problem. But, it doesn’t mean player is unable to transfer coins between consoles, there is an indirect way for player to transfer coins. If you happen to be a determined fan, first, you have to find buyer to purchase all your players in the old console in order to MUT coins, second, selling your obtained coins to other MUT Coins store and get money, third, buying coins from any MUT Coins store with real money on the new console. In such way, you could achieve your goal finally. But there is a risk when you are buying coins, EA Sports will impose some tax on the purchase so that you would face the possibility to lose team or more coins. Certainly, you can avoid those losses if you have enough saving in your bank. In general, Madden players prefer to buy a new version of a console. But there are still many players who want to try they a different type of console.


So far, indirect transferring is the only method for players to transfer coins between different consoles., is a professional Madden 18 Mobile site, we update latest Madden news every day. Besides, fast  Cheap Madden Mobile Coins  is always waiting for you!