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Indianapolis Colts Fired Todd Herremans

[Dec 16 2015 GMT]

The latest report from, a professional site selling cheap NFL coins, that Todd Herremans now is a free player, for his team Colts has fired this veteran guard on Tuesday.

The 33-year-old Herremansthis season played only 8 games. Although Evan Mathis, who has been selected into the best lineup, in the Denver Broncos situation is slightly better, the move of the Colts shows Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly at the beginning of the season to change the offensive line. Herremans, center Jason and Mathis one year ago may be the best inside offensive combination among the league, but because of the contract disagreement and free player market, the combination finally fell apart.

We feel pity for both of the two sides. But this is the result the Colys has to bear, and Todd Herremans has to bear, too. Both of the two eventually need to find their answers in other places. Sometimes, it's difficult to find a suitable team or a suitable player.