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Icardi Is No Longer the Non Sale Player

[Jun 05 2017 GMT]

Inter Milan captain Icardi is the offensive player they rely on most, and he is also the team's striker. But according to mmocart reports, Inter Milan no longer regard him as a non-sale. If there is club that offer 110 million euros, then they are willing to let him go.

This season the team failed to obtain the qualification of European games, then the coach Pioli was dismissed followed. Former Roman coach Spalletti is likely to be their new coach in recent days. It is reported that no player is defined as non-sale, so all of them are faced with the risk of being sold, which included Inter Milan captain Icardi. They priced him 110 millions Euro.

In accordance with the current transfer market, it is not an exaggeration for a 24-year-old efficient shooter who scored 81 goals in Serie A. At the same time he also had 27 assists.

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