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How to score every single shot from long range

[Nov 17 2017 GMT]

No doubt FIFA 18 is working for Ultimate Team. So what is the better way to learn? would like to share you tips.

There are two types of long shot - fine and dynamic. Always try to make good shots with the advantage of the players. If your player has a weak samsung rating, you can only use weak feet for long shots. These are the most powerful shots in the game - and are deadly in the right place.

When you are outside the box, you will need at least two and a half of the power supply according to the screenshots below. If you are in the following Angle, please lower your thumb slightly to the right. Next, if you score in the Angle below, you will need 2.5 to 3 bars.

If you have a player who has an accurate shot, the ball should go to the back of the net. Speaking of FIFA 18 - is this actually good? From another point of view, running from the near side, you only need to add two and a half to three forces, and then move the analog amount to the left and slightly up.

When approaching the target, the most effective, easiest range scoring method. Make sure to have at least three power bars, as shown below, and align the simulation rods to the right and slightly upwards.

FIFA 18 is much better than FIFA 17 - but there are still some problems. Despite its beauty, the frostbite has caused countless annoyances and mistakes. We want EA to patch in the next few weeks.

However, when it comes to the game, it is a welcome shift towards a more tactical experience that encourages you to really think about this game. When you do so, it will adequately reward you. Graphics and games are top-notch and show that EA is the right one to work with nintendo.

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