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How to Play as Gladiator

[Sep 07 2017 GMT]

Traditional fighters, dressed in heavy equipment with a variety of weapons. Use a variety of different skills to attack the game, in the game belongs to the role of the attacker. He is also able to use the most types of weapons of occupation, not only can take his hands big sword, big gun, but also hands holding arms for double-edged sword attack, itself has a variety of physical attack skills, but also a lot of knockdown, Sexual attack, the scope of the attack is also hard to beat him, coupled with the need to wear heavy blood volume. Gladiator is a very sacred career, with a high output high defense, high blood, high defense.

Double hold has always been a big controversy. Condition good sword star with double hold, this is a more recognized. Double in the brush strange aspects really has big advantage, but the dual-holding advantage is nothing more than crit damage. The problem is that you PK, the crit can not be so easy, Moreover, because the basic damage is low, the player can not play the player so easily out of crit.

I used to play Gladiator, that cut lizards crit 1600 +, playing the player is the result to play several times after the frame, only to understand the world people and strange is different. Why PK players are +5 attack stones? Gladiator fight has been with a rifle, with a large sword. Know that big sword hit high, why is the gun or so popular? Because the rifle attack high, the highest rate of knockdown. Gladiator is the only use of guns career, this does not explain the problem?

Some people say that the spear is not in the leather career is very depressed, a knife cut not cut the second knife. Moreover, the knock rate is higher than the big sword, you can not ignore this advantage, right?

General players can not afford 5 attack stone, then the Gladiator with Han magic stone? I think the guns should be fatal with all physics. Because the crit can make the odds to increase, long guns and low sword only 50, eat more than 370 after the scroll can still be guaranteed. But if you like pk, and no money to buy 5 attack stone, then please life and attack stone mix and match. Shoulder and rifle plus attack, other plus life, pk is not weak. Do not put PK in the crit above, kill the stars are taking the whole attack, crit is unreliable, random too strong. No condition, honest and life to go, the most practical is life.

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