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How to Play Three Pointer Well

[Sep 25 2017 GMT]

NBA2K18 player attributes, badges, posture are the important factors to determine the shooting percentage. If the above three are selected, but three points have not scored, wich is problem a lot of players encountered, today we 2kvc share NBA2K18 three-pointers hit rate skills, hoping to help everyone.

We see the NBA are aware of where the three-pointers appear the most? 4 angles, why! Because it is closer than standing in the middle box! Stick your people will go away! The game through the badge secretly explained this, the computer's walk, also explained this point. The bottom line three-point badge!

Today in accordance with the real rules of the NBA to vote, advance to the corner, through the purchase of posture, selected a hands quickly characters template, such as Lonzo Ball, in the corner that, the computer posted 2 seconds really walked away 2 steps!

To the ball at the same time on the hands of shooting! Snapped! Go in! Slightly without harassment, snapped! It's just two games!

What is the problem? Computer old and I grab the corner, because I do not understand the NBA, so I did not give good at this one-third of the candidates for the corner of the job!

Choose the right role, the position of the station, according to the model to play, whether you are in the cast or dunk! You will be king! Such as investment in the cast when the investment position where? Inner ring 4 points! It is 4 points in the middle of 2 points and 2 points of corner. So that this game is really not friendly to the new! This game from the characters began to fault rate is very low!

Play the coach to guide the time, as long as you said by the above, you will certainly be able to play happy! At least better than 17 happy, because the computer is really smart! If you still can not, it may be built when the characters on the wrong things, such as height, such as occupation, such as skills!

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