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How to Play Madden NFL 18 Better

[Sep 07 2017 GMT]

Madden NFL 18 now is hot now. How to play Madden NFL 18 better? Do you know the Team Tokens? Today, we will share to you how to earn Team Tokens in Madden NFL 18.

In order to do well in the Madden NFL 18, you need players to have amazing statistics. There are two ways to achieve, you can go to MUT auction house to buy some expensive players. Another way is to use your Madden NFL 18 Team Tokens and upgrade your players.

Madden NFL 18 Team Token There are two types - the silver and gold medals. For example, in order to upgrade Vontae Davis and replace it with an OVR of 80, you will need his base card and a Colts Silver Token. But to take him a total of 84, you need gold and silver colonnade tokens.

To get a silver or gold tag, you need to go back and access the "Upgrade Set" menu. From there, scroll down to the "team token" area. Here you will see the project set unlock the silver, gold and elite team token. They each need a set of cards.

Please remember that you can not purchase MUT Team Tokens in the auction house. They can not trade on the exchange. You can only pack them well, but the chance is very small. A better way is to complete the project set to get the MUT team token.

It should be noted that the team token needs to unlock many cards. Some debate, if this method is worth it, I say it is better than putting it on the opportunity to put it together.

So this is our Madden NFL 18 Team Tokens Guide if you have any questions and suggestions you can come to our website to discuss with us. Hope this could help you in Madden NFL 18. And if you need madden nfl 18 coins, nflcoins is your best choice. We have cheapest price online. Welcome!