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How to Make Madden Coins Build Your Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team

[Oct 03 2017 GMT]

Today,we are going to discuss some tips on how to Make Madden Coins and then quickly build your NFL 18 Ultimate Team.


On weekends and holidays, there will be a lot of players in the auction house , this time the price of players will be cheaper, so this time you can buy all the good players in the auction, and then on Monday to Thursday sell these players by auction , then you will be able to get more Madden Coins.


Also Player counts drop hard around midnight 1AM, and it's here that you can usually find some quality players going for cheaper than they normally would do.


Always keep the sets in mind, as these can be completed with cards you no longer use for some good players and a decent amount of coins.Buy up Special Events player like Most Feared, Thanksgiving, when they're cheap, and sell them for huge Madden Coins when their corresponding event kicks off.


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